The general rule is to install the largest water tank you have room for or can afford. The larger the tank the cost per litre of rainwater harvested reduces. This will also allow you to use rainwater for as long as possible during dry periods.

The following factors can determine the most appropriate sized tank for you.

  • Available space for the tank. Consider the footprint of the tank in relation to your ground space available. Also consider other obstacles such as windows, hot water systems and air conditioning units. Access for the tank to be put in place. Does it need to go through a garage door for instance?
  • Water usage requirements. If you intend to use your harvested water for garden watering or pool topping up you will require a larger volume of water than if you are only using it to flush toilets and fill your washing machine.
  • The size of your roof catchment area. The area of your roof that has downpipes directed into your rainwater tank. The larger the roof space the smaller the tank required as it will receive more water every time it rains.

The size of your roof catchment area that is plumbed to your rank dictates the volume of rainwater harvested.

1m² of roof space collects 1 litre of rainwater for every 1mm of rain received.

Eg. Catchment area of 80m², you receive a downfall of 12mm – 80 x 12 = 960L collected

If you do not have a pump the water will be pushed out of the water tank by its own weight. This will not be sufficient to run a hose as you would by using mains water from your tap. To get the same litres per minute flow as mains (20 lpm) you will require a pump.

Both poly and aquaplate steel tanks are available in a range of colours. Please check individual product pages for the specific manufacturer’s options. colour-range-full

***The above swatches are to be used as a guide only, colours may vary depending on your computer settings***

All water tanks sold by Kingston Water Tanks Are Australian made and are manufactured to Australian standards.

AS/NZ 4766 for polyethylene water tanks

ATS5200.026:2004 for Tankworks aquaplate tanks

If you are a handy person you can organise the area that the tank is to go on, either packing sand or reinforced concrete (as discussed below), however you must get a licensed plumber to install the rainwater tank and tank to toilet connections. Where required, a Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) certificate of compliance must be supplied to you by the plumber.

The installation must also have the necessary council permit (where required).

Please refer to the installation instructions at the bottom of the categories on the front page. Each manufacturer has their own requirements.

Steel (Aquaplate) water tanks are 100% UV proof and can be made to almost any dimension. Steel water tanks do not have to have sections moulded in them for strength and support like poly tanks therefore you get a larger volume storage with a smaller tank.

Steel is the most environmentally friendly material from which to make water tanks and is safer to drink and are more suited to fire prone areas.

Poly (Polyethylene) water tanks are very strong and virtually unbreakable and are far lighter than metal tanks. Poly tanks are recommended in coastal areas due to corrosion from salt water. Poly tanks are quickly produced and a cheaper alternative to steel tanks.

All our water tanks and pumps have a manufacturer’s warranty. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Individual manufacturer warranty information is on our home page down the bottom under categories.

Toilet single flush – 5L per flush

Toilet dual flush – 10L per flush

Washing machine front loader – 60L per load

Washing machine top loader – 150L per load

The best way to place an order is over the telephone. That way we can make sure of all your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Some of our water tanks come with free delivery to Melbourne Metro and Greater VICTORIA. Free delivery is stated on individual product pages. Delivery fees for other tanks depend on the size of the tank, the number of tanks and the delivery area. Please contact us if you need a specific delivery price.

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