Orange Sump Pump SP100


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Orange SP100 Vortex Impeller Sump Pump

Ltr Per Minute:   140

Watts:               180

Comes with presmatic controller

Features & Benefits

*  The Vortex Impeller designs creates a whirlpool pump action.  This allows soft solids, stringy material and light sewage to be pumped.

*  Nylon open impeller

*  Robust heavy design, all cast iron with stainless steel motor shaft.

*  Dual seals and an addition lip seal which protects the motor

*  Supplied with level control float & 6m of cable for easy connection to electricity supply.

*  Float and lead cable made of rubber to protect from chlorina and oils.


*  Suitable for basements, septic tanks & household drainage where some solids and hair need to be pumped.